NATO Reform Lite: An Evaluation of the Lisbon Summit (Part I)

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  • New Alliance blueprint oversold as a transformation – NATO 3.0 – when much of it is a slow-cooking evolution

  • Afghanistan exit strategy masks divisions over conduct of war, lessons learnt and pace of withdrawal

  • Russian re-set built around missile defences, cooperation in Afghanistan and a future joint security review

Official Documents of the Lisbon Summit                                     
Headline Decisions                                                                       
Summary Assessment                                                      
-       Strategic Concept
-       Afghanistan
Post-Summit Guide to Key NATO Reforms and Policy Changes
-       NATO reform
-       Collective defence and arms control                                                                  
Improving capabilities                                                      
Missile defence                                                               
NATO’s nuclear forces                                                   
Weapons of mass destruction                                        
NATO and the fight against terrorism                              
Defending against cyber attacks                        
NATO’s role in energy security                                        
Arms control disarmament and non-proliferation  
Conventional arms control        

See Part II for a post-summit guide to NATO decisions in relation to ‘crisis management’ and ‘cooperative security’