Update 31: Russia's war with Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is at an especially dangerous moment. The recent battlefield successes by Ukraine prompted Russia to respond with a series of escalatory steps, including a partial mobilisation and moving to annex swaths of eastern Ukraine (see NATO Watch Update 30). Russia has also named Air force general Sergei Surovikin as the new senior commander of Russian forces in Ukraine. He is notorious for leading Russian forces in Syria in 2017, where he was accused of indiscriminate bombing against anti-government fighters. Russia has also responded to the attack on the bridge linking Crimea with Russia, by carrying out missile strikes on several Ukrainian cities.

Read more in the attached pdf on:  the bombing of the Kerch bridge; on the risk of nuclear weapon use; Ukraine’s NATO bid; stalled diplomacy; Western military and financial assistance to Ukraine; the humanitarian consequences of the armed conflict; continuing concerns about the safety of nuclear power stations; investigations into alleged war crimes; sanctions against Russia; energy security in Europe; developments within Russia and NATO.

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