Update 24: Russia's war with Ukraine

19 August 2022

Six months in and the war appears to be in a strategic deadlock, with neither side able to defeat the other. Russian troops have seized large parts of the east of the country, including the complete Luhansk region and a portion of Donetsk where they are slowly grinding forward in a brutal phase of fighting. In the south, however, Russian forces appear exposed to a potential Ukrainian counter-offensive. Since July, the Ukrainian army has used US-supplied HIMAR rocket systems to destroy four key bridges over the Dnipro river, and this week attacked Russian military hardware and other infrastructure in Crimea, prompting thousands to flee back to Russia.

Read more in the attached pdf on: attacks in Crimea and on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station; the stalled diplomacy; Western military and financial assistance to Ukraine; the humanitarian consequences of the armed conflict; the investigation of war crimes; sanctions against Russia; and developments within NATO.

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