Update 23: Russia's war with Ukraine

11 August 2022

The war in Ukraine is now turning into a long war of attrition in which each side tries to wear the other down. Russian forces now hold large areas of territory in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region and in recent days heavy fighting was reported in frontline towns near the eastern city of Donetsk. In southern areas Russia has been strengthening its forces in readiness either for a Ukrainian counteroffensive or in preparation for a new attack. According to British intelligence, the war is about to enter a new phase, “The heaviest fighting [will shift] to a roughly 350km frontline stretching south-west from near Zaporizhzhia to Kherson, paralleling the Dnieper river,” the UK Ministry of Defence said on 6 August.

Read more in the attached pdf on: attacks on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station; the stalled diplomacy; Russian-Turkish talks; Western military assistance to Ukraine; the humanitarian consequences of the armed conflict; the investigation of war crimes; sanctions against Russia; and developments within NATO.

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