Secretary General's end of year message to NATO troops and veterans

3 months 1 week ago
Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg released a holiday greeting to NATO troops and veterans on Tuesday (20 December 2022), thanking them for their service and commitment at the end of "a year like no other". He said: "faced with the biggest security crisis in Europe since World War Two, NATO has responded with strength and unity", praising Allied forces for their "essential role".

NATO approves 2023 strategic direction for new innovation accelerator

3 months 1 week ago
On 12 December 2022, the Board of Directors of NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) agreed that energy resilience, secure information sharing and sensing and surveillance will be the priority areas of focus for DIANA’s work on Emerging and Disrupting Technologies (EDTs) in 2023.

NATO holds roundtable on climate change and security, bringing together Allies and experts

3 months 2 weeks ago
NATO Headquarters held a Climate Change and Security Roundtable on Thursday (15 December 2022). This event brought together representatives of NATO Allies and renowned climate experts to discuss the impact of climate change on security. Among the issues discussed were the latest trends on climate change and security in the Euro-Atlantic region, the implications of climate change for NATO’s future operating environments, and best practices from NATO Allies and other international bodies with respect to climate adaptation and mitigation.

NATO’s multinational battlegroup in Bulgaria reaches full capability

3 months 2 weeks ago
NATO’s multinational battlegroup in Bulgaria reached full operational capability on Wednesday (14 December 2022). The milestone was marked by a ceremony presided over by Bulgaria’s Chief of Defence, Admiral Emil Eftimov, and the Commander of Italy’s Joint Operations Command, Lieutenant General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo.

NATO in 2022 – a year in snapshots

3 months 2 weeks ago
In 2022, NATO photographers and photographers from Allied forces took thousands of pictures documenting this historic year. They captured the magnitude of landmark political events like the 2022 NATO Summit in Madrid, the grit and cooperation of Allied troops conducting NATO exercises, and other moments of beauty, unity and humanity. The photos below illustrate the wide range of NATO’s activities over the past year – from the Alliance's unwavering support for Ukraine, to the increased deterrence and defence capabilities of Allied armed forces along NATO’s eastern flank, to the enduring transatlantic bond at the heart of NATO.

NATO’s bi-annual Familiarization Programme testifies to increased importance of Allies’ engagement with Partners

3 months 2 weeks ago
From 7 to 16 December 2022, NATO hosts military personnel from 20 Partner Nations for its bi-annual Familiarization Programme. The 8-day event, jointly organised by NATO Military Cooperative Security Division and SHAPE’s Partnership Directorate Military Cooperation Division, introduces Partner representatives to NATO’s Partnership frameworks, delving into the Alliance’s outreach programmes and activities.

NATO military delegation holds staff-to-staff talks with partner, Mongolia

3 months 3 weeks ago
On 1-2 December 2022, a military delegation from NATO’s Cooperative Security Division, led by its Director, Major General Francesco Diella travelled to Ulaanbaatar to meet with representatives from the Mongolian Military Authorities. The talks were held within the framework of NATO’s Partnership with Mongolia.

'In the blink of an eye, the challenges of tomorrow will be here', notes Director General of the NATO International Military Staff at the Alliance Warfare Development Conference

3 months 3 weeks ago
The Director General of the NATO International Military Staff (DGIMS), Lieutenant General Janusz Adamczak, participated in the Alliance Warfare Development (AWD) Conference, which took place from 6 to 8 December in Norfolk, Virginia, US. Tthis year’s event was themed “Better Today, Stronger Tomorrow” and brought together key NATO and Allied representatives to discuss how the Alliance can better prepare and respond to a more complex and an ever-changing security environment.
1 hour 30 minutes ago
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