NATO Secretary General at “Grain from Ukraine” Summit: Russia must stop the war, end global food crisis

3 hours 27 minutes ago
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addressed the “Grain from Ukraine” Summit on Saturday (26 November 2022), calling on Russia to stop the war and end the global food crisis it has caused. He said: "90 years ago, the Soviet Union’s horrendous Holodomor killed millions of Ukrainians. Today, Russia is using hunger as a weapon of war against Ukraine, and to create division and further instability among the rest of the world."

The 52nd NATO Defense College Academic Advisory Board meeting

1 day 3 hours ago
On 24-25 November 2022, the NATO Defense College Academic Advisory Board convened its 52nd annual meeting, in Rome, Italy. The Board aims to advise the Commandant on ways in which to improve the academic, research and outreach activities of the College, to enhance links with NATO HQ and Allied Command Transformation, and to ensure that NDC outreach strategies contribute to those of the Alliance.

NATO Secretary General in Romania

1 day 3 hours ago
On Monday, 28 November 2022, the NATO Secretary General, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg will meet with the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, the Prime Minister of Romania, Mr. Nicolae Ciuca and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Mr. Bogdan Aurescu. On 29 November, Secretary General will also meet the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Romania, Mr. Marcel Ciolacu.

Deputy Secretary General: NATO and the transatlantic bond ''indispensable'' for our security

2 days 3 hours ago
Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană stressed the importance of Europe and North America standing strong together in NATO in remarks delivered online to the Athens Security Forum on Thursday (24 November 2022). He stressed that the dramatic transformation of European security caused by Russia’s war on Ukraine has demonstrated the “indispensable role of NATO as the real guarantee for European security, and the need for the transatlantic bond”.

Deep Dive Recap: Resilience and the Gender Perspective

3 days 3 hours ago
On the 15th November 2022, the NATO International Military Staff (IMS) GENAD Office hosted its monthly Deep Dive Session, this time focused on the relationship between resilience and the Gender Perspective. This session explored the crucial role of integrating Gender Perspective for strengthening national and collective resilience to support NATO in safeguarding its nations, societies and shared values.

NATO Allies and Partners discuss maritime security

3 days 3 hours ago
On 21 November 2022, the NATO Military Committee invited Partner Military Representatives from Australia, Colombia, Finland, Republic of Korea, Morocco, Qatar and Sweden, to a thematic discussion on Maritime Security and related activities.

Republic of Korea opens diplomatic mission to NATO

4 days 3 hours ago
The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Belgium, Yoon Soongu, met with Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at NATO Headquarters on Tuesday (22 November 2022), at an official ceremony marking the establishment of the Republic of Korea’s Diplomatic Mission to NATO. This follows the agreement by the North Atlantic Council in September on the Republic of Korea’s decision to designate its Embassy to Belgium as the country’s Mission to NATO.

Five NATO aircraft carriers hold drills in major naval deployment

1 week 1 day ago
NATO navies are holding manoeuvres in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea throughout November, bringing together five aircraft carriers, numerous warships and thousands of sailors. Carrier activities will include anti-submarine and air warfare drills, deck-to-deck aircraft transfers and at-sea resupplying.

Russian aircraft make unsafe overflight of NATO vessels in the Baltic Sea

1 week 1 day ago
Two Russian fighter aircraft made an unsafe and unprofessional approach toward NATO vessels HNLMS Tromp and FS Chevalier Paul in the Baltic Sea on Thursday (17 November 2022), overflying them at an altitude of 300 feet, and failing to respond to Allied attempts to communicate. NATO forces acted calmly and responsibly at all times.

Deputy Secretary General: NATO-EU cooperation is “indispensable”

1 week 1 day ago
Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană stressed the importance of NATO-EU cooperation in remarks to the Conference of the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) on Thursday (17 November 2022). He said that in a new and more dangerous security context, the partnership between the two organisations is “indispensable”.

NATO and Israel reaffirm strong partnership

1 week 1 day ago
This week, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy, Ambassador Bettina Cadenbach, travelled to Israel, where she met with a range of officials from Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence, and the National Emergency Management Authority.

Chair of NATO Military Committee highlights Canadian contributions to the Alliance

1 week 1 day ago
From 16 to 20 November 2022, the Chair of the NATO Military Committee Admiral Rob Bauer was in Canada, where he met with Canadian Armed Forces officials and civilian representatives. Admiral Bauer gave a lecture at the Canadian Forces College (CFC), visited the Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT), and observed training activities at the 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group. He joined Minister of National Defence, Anita Anand, for the announcement of Canada’s offer for the location for the North American Regional Office of NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA).

Women, Peace and Security in Professional Military Education

1 week 2 days ago
On 15 November 2022, the Canadian Defence Academy, in partnership with the Swedish Defence University and the George C. Marshall Centre, hosted an event at NATO HQ, dedicated to Women, Peace and Security (WPS) in the Professional Military Education. This event was organised under the auspices of the Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defence Academies working group on WPS and co-chaired by Canada and Sweden.

More Allies join NATO’s Multinational Ammunition Warehousing Initiative

1 week 3 days ago
Hungary and Romania have joined the Multinational Ammunition Warehousing Initiative, which allows Allies to manage ammunition stockpiles effectively and collectively. In the margins of the autumn meeting of the National Armament Directors at NATO HQ on Wednesday (16 November 2022), the current participants of the Multinational Ammunition Warehousing Initiative (Belgium, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and the NATO Support and Procurement Agency) welcomed Hungary and Romania to this important High Visibility Project.
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