Vision and Mission



The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) at the heart of a new “moral, muscular multilateralism”, a cooperative approach to world problems that uses international organisations and law to the full.

NATO Watch Mission

Provide independent monitoring and analysis of policy-making and operational activities within NATO;

  • Increase transparency, stimulate parliamentary engagement and broaden public awareness and participation in NATO policy-making;
  • Create aligned and activated networks of individuals and institutions across the Euro-Atlantic region and globally who are motivated and enabled to facilitate NATO reforms that are in keeping with the shared democratic and humanitarian values of member states, including the defence of human rights and civil liberties, prevention of genocide (‘responsibility to protect’), accountability and openness, promotion of peace and cooperative security approaches, and strengthening of international law; and
  • NATO_disaster_relief_operation_in_Pakistan_2007_-_NATO_photo_archive.jpg

  • Provide policy input to strengthen NATO’s approaches to conflict prevention, crisis management, peace-building, arms control and disarmament and cooperative engagement with non-members (especially Russia).

Photo credits:
A sea of sunflowers - Stuck in Customs
Ethics and Morals Timeless and Universal - stephenccwu
Humanitarian aid arriving in Pakistan – NATO photos

Last updated: November 2009