Where do you source your analysis, information and expertise?


NATO Watch founding director Ian Davis has an established track record in working within the ‘peace and security’ think-tank world, the media, politics and public life. He has cultivated a very wide range of contacts – including academics, campaigners, researchers and networks. See associates for details.

We seek to highlight and signpost high quality research, opinion, analysis and information provided by a host of individuals and organisations working to promote understanding of NATO and transatlantic security issues. We also seek to make our own contribution to this pool of wisdom, and to work with those who sympathise with our NATO reform agenda, for example, as set out in the Citizens Declaration for Alliance Security.

We recognize that differences of viewpoint exist within our ranks on issues large and small. In such cases, when drawing together policy recommendations we will seek consensus but not insist on it. Rather, we will acknowledge different views forthrightly, explain the good-faith reasons for them, and highlight the core principles and values that our contributors’ share and that distinguish our perspective.

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