I am a journalist or researcher, what can you offer me?


Specialist knowledge and access to expertise and resources about NATO in the public sphere – in a way that understands your agenda and the pressure you are working under. Also the ability to distinguish, where necessary, between our own views of an issue, and a fair account of who is saying what, why, and to what effect in the broader transatlantic security arena. What you won't get from us is 'spin', or a PR job on behalf of NATO, a government department or defence lobbying body. We are independent of all of these. NATO Watch can offer personal or group briefings for journalists, researchers and those working on public policy in relation to defence, security and foreign policy. We can do this face-to-face, via telephone, email or video-conferencing. We can also put you in touch with national experts in NATO Member States, Partner and Contact countries (see NATO Watch Associates). Additional email services that are particularly relevant include: News brief

Photo: Journalists on duty by Yan Arief