Update 22: Russia's war with Ukraine

1 August 2022

As Russia’s war in Ukraine grinds into its fifth month, it is increasingly marked by acts of savage brutality. After its capture of Luhansk region in late June, Russia continues operations to bring the remainder of Donetsk region under its control, while Ukraine is preparing for a counter-offensive to liberate the Black Sea coast. Kyiv's forces have been attempting to cut off the southern Russian-occupied city of Kherson from supplies. The announcement on 22 July of a grain deal between Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN – which could allow Ukraine to export up to 22 million tons of grain stuck in its ports via the Black Sea – was a rare ray of light. The resumption of food exports could prove crucial for Ukraine's economy as well as global food security but will rely on a fragile truce in the Black Sea.

Read more in the attached pdf on: the stalled diplomacy; Western military assistance to Ukraine; the humanitarian consequences of the armed conflict; the investigation of war crimes; sanctions against Russia; European energy security; and developments within NATO.

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