Update 13: Russia's war with Ukraine

The illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine continued into its 11th week with heavy fighting in eastern and southern Ukraine, as well as missile strikes on Ukrainian cities in other parts of the country. US intelligence officials claimed that Russia is planning to annex the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, and also the city of Kherson in the country’s south. Pledges of further military support and aid to Ukraine continued to roll in. Meanwhile two stories surfaced in the US press, citing unnamed officials as saying that US intelligence was instrumental in the targeting of Russian generals on the battlefield and in the sinking of the Moskva flagship cruiser on the Black Sea in mid-April. On the diplomatic front, the UN Security Council issued its first statement on the war in Ukraine, but didn't use the words “war”, “conflict” or “invasion”.

For more details see the attached pdf.

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