NATO Defence Ministers discuss further support for Ukraine and preparations for the Madrid Summit

NATO Defence Ministers met in Brussels on 15-16 June to finalise preparations for the upcoming Madrid Summit (27-30 June). NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the Summit would address key areas including strengthened deterrence and defence; support for Ukraine and other partners at risk; a new NATO Strategic Concept; better burden-sharing and resourcing; and Finland and Sweden’s applications for membership.

President Zelensky has been invited to the NATO Summit in Madrid, although it is uncertain whether he will attend in person or via a video link. In addition, for the first time in NATO’s history, the leaders from partners in the Asia Pacific (Australia, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea) will participate in the NATO Summit.

At his pre-ministerial press conference on 15 June Stoltenberg also indicated that the new Strategic Concept “will reflect the new security reality”, including the fact that Russia was no longer a ‘strategic partner’ (as defined in the 2010 Strategic Concept) and the security consequences of the 'rise of China'. The Defence Ministers also discussed support for Ukraine. Read more in the attached pdf.