Space Security

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Outer space is critical for human security and economic development. Day to day life—in both developed and developing countries—increasingly relies on access to satellite data. The uniquely hostile and fragile nature of outer space makes cooperation not only possible, but mandatory. A war in space between major powers cannot be won and must not be fought. To increase space security NATO should adopt a Code of Conduct for responsible space-faring nations and back an international treaty banning space weapons. “Rules of the road” exist for ships, planes, and military activities. A Code of Conduct could also be negotiated for activities in space, clarifying irresponsible actions and facilitating appropriate responses against rule breakers. This is a summary list of all the content in the site categorised within the Space Security policy area.


Space Cooperation and NATO: Schriever Wargame 2012


NATO Reform Lite: An Evaluation of the Lisbon Summit (Part I)

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Fri, 11/26/2010 (All day)

  • New Alliance blueprint oversold as a transformation – NATO 3.0 – when much of it is a slow-cooking evolution


Time to Call-Off the Drones

Dr. Ian Davis, director of NATO Watch