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A real partnership needs to be developed between NATO and Russia where both parties work together to resolve the multitude of modern security problems. The NATO-Russian Council is a good start, but further engagement of Russia in joint programmes and full transparency concerning NATO’s future plans will help to enhance the partnership. On the Russian side, there has to be flexibility, reciprocal transparency and good will toward NATO’s intentions. Ending the impasse over the CFE Treaty should be an urgent priority along with further arms control agreements that take into account not only the changed strategic and political circumstances, but also the accelerating qualitative processes and technological advances in military affairs. This is a summary list of all the content in the site categorised within the Russia policy area.


NATO warns Russia against interfering in eastern Ukraine

By Ian Davis, NATO Watch


New NATO head's tough task: dealing with a resurgent Russia

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Tue, 04/01/2014 (All day)