Alliance remains open to new members, but consensus on entry for aspirant nations remains elusive: A Review of the Foreign Ministers Meetings in Brussels, 24-25 June 2014

This briefing paper presents an overview of the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting that took place at NATO HQ, Brussels on 24-25 June 2014. It is limited to information that NATO published on the event and what is publicly known from other sources (mainly press briefings by the Secretary General and the US Secretary of State).
Key decisions taken: 
  • NATO's 'open door' policy affirmed.
  • No Membership Action Plan for Georgia, but 'package' of measures promised to bring the country closer to the Alliance.
  • A membership invitation to Montenegro expected by the end of 2015, subject to successful "intensified and focused talks".
  • Endorsement for two key decisions announced at the NATO Defence Ministers Meeting earlier in June: the development of a Readiness Action Plan and a package of support measures to strengthen Ukraine’s armed forces.
  • No return to business as usual with Russia.
  • Cooperation with partners around the world to be strengthened, with quicker and more systematic support promised for countries seeking help with security sector reform.
  • Endorsement of a detailed operational plan for NATOs new mission, Resolute Support, to train, advise and assist the Afghan security forces from the start of 2015 (and the details are expected to be discussed at a Force Generation Conference in July).
  • Assurances given to Turkey over Iraq concerns

For further details please see the attached briefing paper (pdf)