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In seeking to promote a world in which everyone renounces violence against other peoples and their own, it is crucial that NATO upholds the highest standards of international and humanitarian law. Those who break our laws should be judged in court: terrorists and torturers alike. NATO should declare its position on this unequivocally. Similarly, inhumane weapons should be withdrawn from NATO’s arsenals. NATO is morally and legally obliged to exhaust all other means possible before taking up arms, and force should only be used in accordance with the UN Charter. This either means authorised by the UN Security Council or in self-defence (when there is a real, imminent and severe danger and the UN Security Council is unable to act in time). This is a summary list of all the content in the site categorised within the International Law policy area.


People in Six NATO Member States Say Governments Should Put International Law Ahead of National Interest

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Wed, 11/04/2009 (All day)

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