NATO Military Committee expects increased violence in Afghanistan following collapse of peace talks

20 September 2019

The NATO Military Committee—the most senior military authority within NATO and comprising the 29 Chiefs of Defence—met in Ljubljana for a two-day conference (13-14 September 2019) to discuss NATO’s operations, missions and activities, including the “deterrence and defence of the Euro-Atlantic area, NATO’s Warfighting Concept and Military Instrument of Power”.

The meeting, the third and final one of three held by the Military Committee each year, took place in the aftermath of the collapse of Afghan peace talks. US Air Force Gen. Tod Wolters, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), told reporters that he expects increased violence in Afghanistan in the lead-up to the presidential election later this month. British Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, the chairman of the Military Committee, said the maxim "in together, out together" still appends to NATO operations in Afghanistan.

The meeting had four key sessions:

  • NATO operations, missions and activities, with a focus on Afghanistan;
  • Deterrence and defence of the Euro-Atlantic area and NATO’s “warfighting capstone concept”;
  • Military Instrument of Power; and
  • A plenary session.

Read the attached pdf briefing to find out more.

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