Wikileaks: Access US cables with ‘NATO’ tag

Wikileaks is releasing classified United States diplomatic cables sent to and from US embassies in countries throughout the world. These cables include orders sent out from the Department of State, embassy reporting about the local governments and details of US government activities in each country. All the US embassy cables that have been released with a ‘NATO’ tag can be found here and here

NATO Watch welcomes articles and comments on the NATO-related US diplomatic cables, as well as the larger transparency and accountability questions raised by the activities of Wikileaks. The information released to date is invariably absorbing, often enlightening and sometimes politically helpful. But should there be limits? And where should those limits apply to an intergovernmental political-military alliance like NATO?  Should diplomats be able to speak confidentially with their governments and sources about NATO? And to what extent does NATO’s embedded ‘culture of secrecy’ – the Alliance remains one of the few intergovernmental organisations without a formal information disclosure policy – encourage the spilling of classified secrets around the globe? 

We want to hear from you. Please contact us at NATO Watch with your thoughts.